TR – Date #5

Cheesin' it.

Cheesin’ it.

My friend, Melanie, introduced me to TR a year or two ago at a jam session I was hosting. I remember him being a great sax player, but didn’t get to talk with him much that night. I knew I’d like him, though, when he sent Mel an email saying he’d go out with me IF he could make stupid faces in the photos, I sang him a song, and I didn’t mention his offensive personal odor in my blog.

TR was hilarious. It was so easy to feel comfortable and relaxed with him. And it was crazy how much we had in common! We had lots of similar life experiences, like working in Alaska, missions to the British Isles during the same time, living on the east coast, performing music, working in rehab with teenagers, and more.

Lots of delicious Korean food! My brilliant quote of the evening: "This tastes like a pickled cucumber. (Pause) I guess that would make it a pickle."

Lots of delicious Korean food! My brilliant quote of the evening: “This tastes like a pickled cucumber. (Pause) I guess that would make it a pickle.”

I loved that he took me to a hole-in-the-wall Korean barbeque and that we got to try new and adventurous foods together. I loved that he knew random facts about topics that ranged from Asian herbal medicine to film to religion and beyond… not in a “know-it-all” way. In a “this-guy-has-a-lot-of-cool-interests” way.  I also loved that he noticed the old man haircut on the cute little Korean kid making faces at us through the restaurant window.

Another awesome thing about TR was that he gave off the impression that he’s totally accepting of whatever you say or do. He was comfortable in his own skin, so you felt permission to wear yours the way you wanted to also… without judgement. To me, that’s a talent, and I admired it in him.

Contrary to popular belief, that's not a Volkswagen on TR's shirt. It's a older model Subaru. Who would have guessed?

Contrary to popular belief, that’s not a Volkswagen on TR’s shirt. It’s a older model Subaru. Who would have guessed?

Since I worked pretty late tonight and had an early day tomorrow, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, but the time was pretty quality. He didn’t make stupid faces (I think the kid took care of that), I didn’t sing him any songs, and I did mention something I wasn’t supposed to earlier in the blog (he smelled pretty good to me, by the way). And even though I didn’t meet those dating conditions, I still got to enjoy a date with a cute and fun guy. Talk about getting the good end of the deal…


9 thoughts on “TR – Date #5

  1. TR says:

    Wow, you made my day with all of those compliments.

    I think I look like slightly psychotic in those last two photos.

    Thanks, it was fun!

  2. Winter Redd says:

    TR rocks! He gave me a quote for the cheese party invitation a couple years ago…something about cheese being the root of all deliciousness!

  3. Sara says:

    I don’t know TR but he sounds great. And I just have to say (as a confidently married woman) I think he’s pretty dang cute!

  4. Mary says:

    TR… is great looking … and seems to have a good personality… if there is a winner in this flirty and thirty pick him!!… love him so far the others are…well…hmmm

  5. Psquali says:

    I stumbled upon this through Spinster in the City. LOVE IT! I think TR is definitely my fave!! You have SO much in common and he sounds like a hoot! What a fun experience!! =)

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