Ram – Date #7

Our serious faces. They didn't last long.

Our serious faces. They didn’t last long.

The number seven has significance in many traditions. In Hinduism, there are seven chakras. In Islam, there are seven heavens and levels of earth. In Judiasm and Christianity, seven represents wholeness and completion, like the seven days of creation. And after today, as far as this blog is concerned, I submit that seven also signifies FUN.

I met Ram in 1997 as a freshman at BYU. We had friends in common, but traveled in different circles. I can’t remember if we ever even had a conversation. After graduation, our mutual friend, Mary, stayed in touch with both of us. She heard about my project and told Ram. He then contacted me about participating during his visit to Utah this weekend (He currently lives in Texas).

The first place Ram took me after picking me up was a rare book store in Salt Lake City. There were thousands of interesting things to look at there, but we spent most of our time picking out vintage post cards to use later in our date. I love finding little jewels among the normal stores in Salt Lake and was impressed that Ram seemed to share that same interest. We talked about places that we loved to explore in the city. Afterwards, he spontaneously drove by a few of them, including the Cathedral of the Madeline and the Masonic Temple.

Yes. That really is the title of that book.

Yes. That really is the title of that book.

We grabbed a late lunch at the One World Cafe, where I have been wanting to go for a long time now. The concept of the cafe is unique and awesome. The food there is all organic and customers pay what they want for a meal. There is no set menu and waste is reduced by customers dictating their own portion sizes. People who can’t afford a meal can do service at the cafe in exchange for food. (Check it out at http://www.oneworldeverybodyeats.com/saltlakecity.html!)

Ram knew about a room downstairs and we decided to eat there. It was just us, some tables, and shelves full of books and games. We pulled out Scrabble and played while we talked and ate. We used Cha Cha’s texting service to keep the game honest and found out some interesting things in the process. Like, the longest hypothetically legal Scrabble word in North American play is ethylenediaminetetraacetates. Who knew?

Some of our Scrabble words

Some of our Scrabble words

After Scrabble, we pulled out the post cards that we’d selected earlier, and we each wrote one to Mary, the friend that set us up. Except, I wrote mine from Ram’s perspective and he wrote his from mine. And we had to use as many words from our Scrabble game as possible. They ended up being pretty ridiculous and funny. After writing Mary, we wrote post cards to each other, but in a Mad Libs format. We supplied each other with different parts of speech and again used as many words from our Scrabble game as possible. My favorite line from his postcard to me read, “Please send me your scarf, so I can display it at the Smithsonian for all to know of your coyness for at least eleventy milliseconds.”

In the Judeo/Christian significance of the number, seven was appropriate for my date with Ram. He seemed to have the complete package. If I were to structure this blog as a Mad Lib and provide adjectives to describe him, I’d use words like, spontaneous, creative, playful, intelligent, kind, curious, and easy-going. I’m glad that we had the chance to reconnect.

We kept finding random pairs of sunglasses in places we visited. Ram says he didn't plant them, but he seems mighty comfortable in them!

We kept finding random pairs of sunglasses in places we visited. Ram says he didn’t plant any, but he seems mighty comfortable in them!


7 thoughts on “Ram – Date #7

  1. Carly Towers says:

    I am actually quite jealous Carrie, I wish our ‘dating’ scene was this good, we just don’t date like that in the UK can I go on #8 for you lol

    I love reading your blog can’t wait to read the rest 🙂

    Carly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. marsie says:

    I’m so glad you guys made it happen! I *knew* y’all would have the best time evah. I can’t wait to get your postcards!!! 🙂

  3. Derrinda says:

    Oh my goodness…that is so funny that you and Ram got to go on your #7 date. I remember going to that girls ask guys dance with Ram our freshman year-he is an awesome guy. That is great that you guys were able to hook up:)

  4. Sarah says:

    How great to see two of my fellow freshmen together after so long. Glad you both had a great date. Carrie, this is a fun project to read about. Thanks for blogging and good luck!

  5. Psquali says:

    TOO funny! He sounds like a marvelous catch as well! What an interesting date and I’ve never heard of ONE WORLD EVERYBODY EATS! All my time in SLC and I never came across it!! WOW! This is going to be SO hard to choose! 🙂

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