Brady – Date #12

Curry in a Hurry

Curry in a Hurry

If I were Brady, I’m not sure I would have gone out with me after our first few conversations. It seemed that every time he called, something was up. One time, I was sad and crying. One time I was hopelessly lost and anxiously trying to find a gig. I felt badly, but I wasn’t really a ray of sunshine each time he called.

He stuck it out, though, bless his heart. Even though he’s going to school full-time for a Masters in Electrical Engineering and working nights, he still made time to take an emotional stranger out on a date.

I was introduced to Brady through my friends, Cindy and Kyle. Those two are big fun, so I was looking forward to meeting Cindy’s brother.

Brady was a lot like his sister. He was really interesting to talk with and very approachable. I enjoyed how open-minded he seemed and liked hearing the stories he told me about his life. We doubled with Cindy and Kyle that evening, so it made the atmosphere even more comfortable and fun. Cindy and Brady had a lot of sibling moments, and I liked being around their family dynamic.

Brady treated us all to some great Indian food at Curry in a Hurry. I’d never been there before, but they had won some “Best in Utah” awards from the City Weekly, so I was excited to try it. It was a small room, but there was so much to look at! The main feature that attracted our attention was a screen showing Bollywood music videos in the background – just the pictures, though. It made me laugh that the two young Indian guys working there were were actually listening to Eminem.

The food was spicy, but really good. It was hard to finish all of it. Brady had to go to work, so we headed back afterwards. On the way home, we drove by a guy on the street begging for money with a sign that said, “Why Lie? I want a beer.” I laughed and laughed and said I would love to get a picture with him. I didn’t expect Brady to turn around, but he impressed me with his spontaneity when he did. We got out and met John, who was a really nice man. I didn’t really have any money to give him, but he still let us take the picture.

Oh, John...

Oh, John…

I had a fun time with Brady, Cindy, and Kyle. I’m glad that Brady didn’t give up on me after our first initial conversations. I’m also glad that he made time for me in his busy schedule. He was a great guy and I enjoyed our time together.


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