Matt – Date #15

Extreme close-up of Matt...

Extreme close-up…

When I met him in Provo on Friday, I found out Matt is a guy who has his act together. It took a while for the two of us to connect after my cousin, Jenny, introduced us, but she spoke highly of him and her regard had merit.

I was impressed with Matt before even meeting him. When he told me that he’d like to cook for our date, he got even more bonus points. And he was a really great cook. I arrived at his home to find it set up like a cooking show with different stations to prep different parts of the meal.

I think Matt should have his own Food Network show. He's good!

I think Matt should have his own Food Network show. He’s good!

We made gnocchi together- Italian potato dumplings- and I was impressed by his skills. He also made fresh basil pesto and a mushroom / kalamata olive topping for the dish. There was even fresh garlic bread for the side. Everything was from scratch. Everything was delicious.

As we cooked together, I got to find out more about Matt. He’s a math professor at the LDS Business College and and adjunct professor at BYU. He’s traveled all over the world, but he was raised in Virginia, not far from where I grew up. He served a mission in France. He loves the outdoors and different sports. He owned the condo where we were eating dinner and had done a lot of the decorating and remodeling himself. In fact, his condo reflected the same kind of collected vibe I got from Matt. Everything was well taken care of and in its place.

Matt was conscious of my time constraints, and really was accommodating. He was willing to talk, though, and we shared some stories from our lives with each other. I heard about his family, his mission, and even got to hear a few about my cousin that made me laugh.

Though we didn’t have long together that evening, I had a fun time with Matt. I learned how to cook some great Italian food, had some nice conversation, and met a great guy with a lot going for him. To sum up the evening, I’d say it was Molto Bene.

The finished product. Mmmm...

The finished product. Mmmm…


4 thoughts on “Matt – Date #15

  1. Mary Lee Call says:

    Been thinking about you this week with the big day approaching :). Glad to see your project is still going strong. Looks like you have met some great guys, though I have to say that they’re the lucky ones!

  2. Coral says:

    This guy gets my vote for a second date! He’s cute and can cook… he probably did his share of cleaning up. Why isn’t this guy married?

  3. Coral says:

    One more thing… are you having a 30th Birthday Blowout? If so, are all fifteen of these very fine men invited? If so, invite at least FOURTEEN single (no attachments, etc) female friends to dance and celebrate with the fifteen VERY swell, charming guys.
    WHAT A FUN PROJECT!!! Are any of these guys asking for a second date OR do you want to have a second date with some or all of them? These are pressing questions that MUST be answered.

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