Jared -Date #16

On the set of "The Caretaker"

On the set of “The Caretaker”

Ahh, facebook. It’s been a huge help in the success of this project. In this situation, my date with Jared stemmed from its fantastic networking power. My dear friend, Winter, has been posting each of my blog updates on her site and asking for referrals. Her fellow pharmacist, Jill, told her about Jared and introduced us via facebook email. And then its “mutual friend” feature showed me that Jared is also good friends with some other people I know. The world gets smaller all the time.

Jared, who is also a pharmacist, was a lot of fun to get to know. He’s adventurous and loves outdoor sports like skiing and ultimate frisbee, and he wanted to take me rock climbing for our date. Unfortunately, it was a cold and rainy day with some hail, so the conditions weren’t too conducive to doing that. Instead, he took me out to dinner and we went to a play put on my the Salt Lake Acting Company called “The Caretaker”.

On the way to Cafe Rio, I found out that Jared had already worked a ten-hour day and that it was the beginning of his seven day work rotation. He had just used his time off of work to drive to Cache Valley to help his family with some repair jobs. I was impressed that he would make the time to help me with my project when he was so busy. He was easy to talk with and had the type of energy that’s relaxing to be around.

I found out a lot of things about Jared during our car rides and at dinner. I found out that we’re in the same LDS institute class at the University of Utah. He likes several styles of music, especially bluegrass, but he doesn’t care much for blues and jazz. Since he’s involved in medicine, I asked him about some hotbed issues like healthcare reform, and he doesn’t just go with popular views. He has intelligent and informed opinions and seemed open to flexibility with them if he were presented with new information.

A chair lift at the Salt Lake Acting Company... hang on for your life, Jared!

A chair lift at the Salt Lake Acting Company… hang on for your life, Jared!

I loved that he took me to the theater after dinner. I haven’t seen a play in a long time and it’s something that I really enjoy doing. This particular show was funny, but it was a pretty existential character study and the audience was left scratching their heads in places. The acting was really excellent, though, and it gave us a lot to think about. We had a good conversation about the symbolism in the show afterward and how it related to life.

I enjoyed my time with Jared and appreciated that he seemed like such a well-rounded, good man. I’m glad that I got to know him better and I’m looking forward to seeing him in my class each week.

Jared's impersonation of one of the characters- pretty accurate!

Jared’s impersonation of one of the characters- pretty accurate!



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