Chris – Date #17

Chris knew our waitress who was kind enough to take our picture

Chris knew our waitress who was kind enough to take our picture

I’ve known Chris for a while now. We have a lot of friends in common and we’ve talked, but he was better friends with my roommate, Sharon. I was surprised when he contacted me to ask if he could be date #17, but thought it was very cool that he wanted to help me get closer to my goal.

We met a swanky Italian restaurant in downtown Salt Lake called Cafe Molise. Chris was there first, and he had brought me a beautiful brightly colored bunch of gerbera daisies, which are one of my favorite flowers. He pulled out my chair for me and was very sweet the entire night.

Over a deliciously prepared salmon dinner, we talked about a lot of things. He experienced being close to the action during hurricane Katrina and had an interesting perspective on those events. He grew up in New York and lived in California, and we talked about many of his childhood and life experiences. He talked about his conversion to the LDS church and his family’s reaction to those choices. We also had a good discussion about his studies in evolutionary anthropology. He had a lot of thoughts on the family, which I thought was awesome, since my dad’s life’s work centered around strengthening families.

Throughout the evening, I concluded that Chris is a very intelligent man with a good heart. He had a lot of interesting things to say, but was also very interested in what I had to talk about, which was nice. He had a lot of questions for me and really listened to my thoughts.

Chris: "Who needs the state fair when you have construction?!?"

Chris: “Who needs the state fair when you have construction?!?”

After dinner, he suggested going for a walk around the city. No real destination, just enjoying the energy of the city at night. We walked and talked some more, taking in the sights and sounds. A brilliant full moon lit our way and there was an autumn bite to the air. Chris was careful not to take me through any areas that were sketchy, but we did get to explore one of my favorite cities a bit more.

It was very thoughtful of Chris to take me out on the night before my birthday and treat me so well. I had a fun time getting to know him better and it was a pleasure to be his date.


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