Glenn – Date #21


That fish isn’t coming out of my wig… it’s part of the Market Street Grill sign behind us

I’ve known Glenn for years and think he’s an awesome guy. We met in college singing together in BYU’s Concert Choir, an he’s since moved on to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He’s a great person and is constantly re-inventing himself. Every time I talk with him, he is doing something new- from tackling half-marathons to his latest adventure, enrolling in culinary school. And he’s always down for a good time. So when he asked me out on Halloween, I was looking forward to it.

We started the evening by eating at Market Street Grill, and as far as I could tell, we were the only ones in costume. Glenn got some comments about his chef’s attire, since we were in a restaurant. When our waiter discovered that Glenn was enrolled in The Art Institute’s culinary arts program, he confessed his desire to own his own restaurant someday. Glenn was really encouraging and gave him some great suggestions to take steps toward that goal.

After a delicious dinner, we headed over to Kingsbury Hall, on the campus of the University of Utah. Every year, The Odyssey Dance Theatre puts on a Halloween show called “Thriller” that I’ve always wanted to see, but haven’t. Glenn had great tickets and it was closing night, so the show was bound to be fun.

As we walked up the steps, dancers in zombie costumes were already waiting for us. Some of them were young, but they were really good at staying in character. They had lifeless expressions and followed people around listlessly. Even waiting for the show to begin, zombies roamed the aisles, lunging and hissing at people. Occasionally, you could hear startled shrieks of people who were surprised somewhere in the audience.



The show itself was amazing! The dancing and the choreography were so professional. The costumes, the sets, and the lighting were way beyond what I expected. And the guest artists that performed with the company were so talented. The emcee of the evening was a disgruntled clown whose deadpan humor had me laughing really hard. They did a good job at finding a balance between creepy and comedy throughout the evening.

The performance showcased several styles of dance. There were tap dancing skeletons lit by black lights, a stomp-esque trio of chainsaw-wielding Jasons, a ballerina that met her demise while dancing to the Nutcracker suite, and a lyrical tribute to the late Michael Jackson. There were Irish dancers who were picked off by the emcee clown in the “River of Blood Dance” (instead of River Dance). Several dances included breaking, popping and locking, and other forms of hip hop. And of course, tons of amazing modern dance pieces that were both humorous and dark. Bookending the evening were well-performed versions of the title song, Thriller, that refreshingly didn’t rely on the original Michael Jackson choreography.

I had a great time with Glenn, who is great with witty spontaneous jokes. I’ve always found him easy to talk with and enjoyed our conversation throughout the evening. I appreciated him inviting me and had a Halloween that I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time to come.


I think I need to work on my zombie face before taking our act on the road


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