Week Two – Do Something I’ve Never Done Before

Maybe it is a Utah thing, but when I moved here back in the day, I was introduced to a game called “I Never” or “Never Have I Ever”. It’s supposed to be one of those get-to-know-you games where one person says something that they have never done, and everyone else has to indicate if they have done it in their lives. The more you’ve done, the faster you’re out..

I am SO good at this game. But I don’t know if that is something to brag about. I think it boils down to a stubborn streak in me, honestly. For instance, until I was around twenty-one, I could say I’d never ridden a bike with two wheels. My parents took the training wheels off sooner than I wanted them to when I was younger, so that was it. I was done. When I went on an LDS mission to England, my co-workers teased me about the bike riding I’d have to do out there. They made me two circular good-bye cakes, iced with spokes and supported with real training wheels.

My first kiss was in my later twenties. Not because I had never had the opportunity before that, but I was stubborn. I didn’t want it to be with just anyone. This was always my “sure to get everyone out” standby in the “I Never” game.

Another winner (more for girls than guys) was that I had never pierced my ears. Not that my parents wouldn’t let me, or that I was scared, but I’d just never had the desire. So I never did it.

Check out them earlobes…

For week two, I decided to cut down on my list of “I Never’s”. I want to have more “I Have’s”. I decided to do something that would be a physical reminder of this year and this project. Something that I could have with me all the time to remind me of my commitment to change and expansion of my comfort zone. I decided to pierce my ears.

I went to an accessory store at the mall to have it done. I felt a little awkward sitting in the chair in the middle of the shopping teenage girls while one of the sales clerks gawked, “You’ve never done this? I’ve had mine since I was two months old!”

Sabina in action

It was actually kind of fun to be such a novelty. Two other people came up to watch and one offered to take pictures for me while I had it done. Sabina, the girl who helped me, was a pro. She marked and remarked the placement of the holes until I was happy with them. Then she and another clerk doubled teamed me and did both ears at the same time. She even offered me a lollypop when it was done. I wasn’t sure what to make of that, but it was sweet.

… aaaaand….. they’re pierced!

I know it’s not a life-changing event to get your ears pierced, but it’s more about the idea behind it for me. It’s empowering to feel like I am making changes in my life. That I’m not remaining stagnant and that I’m willing to take some steps beyond my “I Never’s” into the realm of possibility. And now my steps have a little bling to them.



6 thoughts on “Week Two – Do Something I’ve Never Done Before

  1. Good for you, Carrie!

    For some reason, as I was reading along, I thought you were going to say that you were going to get a tatoo!

    …good job on the bling!

  2. Sarah Washburn says:

    Your earrings look bee-yu-ti-ful. And so do you! (You should have taken that modeling scout up on his offer of an audition!).

    Incidentally, I don’t have my ears pierced. My mom said I had to wait until I was twelve. When twelve hit, I thought “Meh. They’ll just get infected and it’s just another thing to worry about when putting together an outfit.” Since then, I’ve just never wanted to.

    But, kudos to you for branching out and doing something new to break out of your shell. You are a great woman!

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