Week Six – Experience Nature

REI, Baby!

This was my “Third Time’s a Charm” experience for the blog. I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to experience nature by going snowshoeing for the first time. Plans fell through twice before things finally worked out this weekend, thanks to my great friend and former roommate, Annie.

Annie is one of those people that make you tired just by hearing about all the things they do. She is a runner, a mountain biker, a slackliner, a rock AND ice climber and more. She should be the REI poster girl. She is fun and full of energy and so inspiring to be around.

I called her with my snowshoeing plan to get her advice on trails and gear, hoping that she’d want to come. When my first two attempts didn’t work out, she invited me to come with her and some friends to hike Church Fork in Millcreek Canyon. It was a busy day for me, but thankfully they were going at a time where it worked out perfectly.

I stopped by REI in the morning to rent the snowshoes and told Annie that I would meet her and her friends in the canyon. I was the first to arrive, so I called to see where they were. Unfortunately, their car had overheated and they were stuck on the side of the road. I ended up driving over to pick them up and we got all six of us into my little Corolla. We hadn’t yet hit the trail and the adventure had already started.

It was cozy in there…

The day was perfect for snowshoeing. Blue skies and lots of sunshine. It had snowed a little the day before, so the trails weren’t too packed down. As we started up Church Fork, we ran into another of Annie’s friends, Tyler. He joined the group and was great to have along since he knew the trail well. When we came to a fork, he gave us our options and we ended up taking the trail to Burch Hollow.

The views were gorgeous and the sun cast the most beautiful light on the mountains. The hike was pretty moderate, with lots of level ground but enough ascents to make it interesting. Since the snow had melted in several places, some patches of the trail didn’t require snowshoes. We wore them anyway. It was all part of the experience.

At the beginning of the hike, still getting used to the snowshoes on a narrow icy bridge

No snow, no problem!

Stopping for snacks Annie brought (Tyler, Me, Carolyn)

Besides the scenery, my favorite part about the day was getting to be with so many fun new people. Each person in the group had unique interests and stories. I enjoyed talking with a lot of them and hearing about their lives. It was especially great to spend some time with Annie.

Utah has some of the most beautiful mountains and snow, but I’ve never really done anything to take advantage of them. It was fun to have my first foray into outdoor Winter sports and make some great new acquaintances in the process. More adventures to come!

View from the trail

View from the trail



One thought on “Week Six – Experience Nature

  1. Sarah says:

    Brrrrr! I’m proud of you because this is an area where I will NOT venture! Not unless they create a snowsuit filled with hot chocolate so that you can be warmed on the outside and on the inside at the same time!

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