Week Twenty-Four – Create Magic From The Mundane

Do NOT mess with The Bomb Squad.





The launch pad rocketed us back in time ten minutes. Our mission: To dismantle the bomb lurking somewhere in my sister’s house before it exploded. I had been democratically elected as the mission’s platoon leader. It was my first mission, but my team were no rookies. They were confident in their ability to carry out the assignments I delegated to them and sprung into action as soon as it was time.

Our tactic to dismantle the bomb was simple- each of us took a room in the house and attempted to put everything back to where it belonged. If we could set everything right, we would neutralize the energy of the explosion in some sort of cosmic yin/yang reaction. As platoon leader, I had been given the ability to add a power boost of five minutes to the expedition should we need it.

With music pumping in the background, we feverishly worked to bring order to chaos and avert the impending disaster. My oldest sister, Shannon, rushed around the kitchen and bathroom with lazer-like precision, pinpointing each article that was out of place and returning it to its rightful position. Jannine, my niece, and I tag-teamed the rest of the rooms on the ground floor. When our ten minutes were almost up, we opted to use the power boost for five more minutes, finished the job and got back to the launch pad to return to safety. Once there, we elected a new leader and repeated the process on the top floor of the house.

On the job with Shannon and Jannine 

Shannon’s concept of Magic From the Mundane is simple: Take something ordinary, boring or monotonous and sprinkle some magic on it. She says it is what makes Disneyland so special- water fountains that talk, sidewalks that sparkle, janitors that become percussion bands when the clock strikes the hour- turning ordinary things into something that is extraordinary.

For instance, that day we were just cleaning the house. But with some imagination, some playfulness, and an objective, that ordinary task became an adventure. Whoever heard of kids begging for five more minutes to clean? But Jannine wanted the power boost (adding five more minutes to the countdown timer on the stove) every time.

Shannon has always been this way; since I was a little girl, she has helped foster my creativity with her example. She now teaches workshops on how to take a different look at life and create lasting memories (her forthcoming website is www.magicfromthemundane.com– check it out!).

Her great suggestions include taking an object and using it in a new way… for instance, a bathtub. Why not fill it with balloons as a surprise for unsuspecting roommates or family? Or invite the neighbors over for a talent show and use the bathtub and curtain for a stage? A bathtub filled with pillows and blankets makes an excellent reading nook for kids or for parents who want some privacy. Or it can be a place to just make a mess. -When Jannine was little, Shannon and her husband “creamed” her… filled up the tub with whipped cream and let her play in it. The possibilities are really endless.


Love this kid! 

Living life with that kind of fun outlook can take some planning and some effort, but the outcome is so worth it. It was great to create some magic with my family and remind myself about the importance of playfulness in day-to-day life. Next time it looks like a bomb has gone off in my house, I may just send myself in on solo mission.


One thought on “Week Twenty-Four – Create Magic From The Mundane

  1. Sarah says:

    Great bathtub ideas. 🙂 It is important to look at life that way. I think that’s why kids are so imaginative…their whole world is filled with that kind of magic. They look at things so differently. I’ve learned so much from getting down and looking at things from my son’s point of view. Sometimes, literally getting down on my hands and knees is all it takes!

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