Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Here’s proof that I was born. I’m still working on this goal.

Go shawty… it’s your birthday… we gonna party like it’s your birthday… we gonna sip… apple cider… like it’s your birthday… uh… well, yeah. The song kind of falls apart after that point when it’s applied to a Mormon girl. But I’ve had a birthday… Shout hooray!

This year I had such a fun time with great friends who came to celebrate with me. Here are some highlights:

Sim, Wylie, and David conquered the baby aisle on a Friday night with masculinity intact

Yeah, I have beautiful friends 

Birthday deliciousness from Gourmandise Bakery 

I tricked a few people into thinking I was pregnant when I sent out invitations to my “baby shower”, and that was pretty funny to me. Come on guys. It’s me. The chances of that happening are less than the chances of The Spice Girls, Richard Simmons, and Abraham Lincoln releasing a psychedelic zydeco album together.

The “baby shower” part was real, though, and my friends gave in an amazingly generous way to help needy infants in the community. The House of Hope is a non-profit organization in Utah that helps people overcome substance abuse, child abuse, and family violence. Many mothers come without anything for their babies, and more give birth having nothing while they are there. It was awesome to see the way everyone pulled together to help these kids. We were even able to donate a sack of clothes for the mothers, thanks to other donations of friends.

Chelsea couldn’t make the party, but she drove an hour to and from my house just to help me set up. What a babe.

Lee modeling his donated “Happy Camper” ensemble

Just a fraction of the loot

Heck yes we got CARE BEARS wipes   

Amazingly, ALL of this (plus a baby swing) came from my friends, Allison and Kevin Gill

Some of my favorites in the front row- “I’m with the band” and the matching baby and doll dresses

Kelly made a special trip to receive our stuff. She’s great!

 I dropped the items off with Kelly at the House of Hope, who was very kind and helpful. Funny enough, I lived two houses away from the offices when I lived downtown, but I never knew what the building was until today. They’re great with anonymity.

 The House of Hope in general and the Community Cradle Project in particular are great causes. For anyone interested in helping out, you can find information on their needs here. (Also, for anyone who helped with donations, they are tax deductible. If you’re interested in getting a receipt, let me know and I’ll email it to you.)

Thanks to everyone who made this such a fun and successful event… looking forward to the next adventure!


2 thoughts on “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

  1. Mary Lee says:

    Carrie, you are amazing! Love, love, love the idea of a baby shower for your birthday party! I am so thrilled that you’re going to pursue the idea of a book because your ideas and experiences really deserve wide exposure. Congratulations on getting the part of Maria! Just the other day I got out my Sound of Music CD. Serendipity.
    I saw BBKing at a blues festival in L.A. thirty years ago and I thought he was old then–but very good :). So fun to read about your experiences–and how Myron now knows you can have fun without the slumber party. Love to you and Irene, too. Mary Lee

  2. Sarah says:

    What a unique and generous way to celebrate your birthday! It’s way better than getting a bunch of “stuff” that you just don’t need and can’t find a place to store!

    I’m glad you had such a nice birthday.

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