These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

I haven’t written in a while. Here’s what has been keeping me busy:

Publicity picture with my kids in the show… they were adorable!

Which one of these things is not like the other…? 

Taken at a dress rehearsal before the drops were finished. The… Abby… is alive with the sound of music…

Meeting the captain

“I think your dress is the ugliest one I’ve ever seen!”

Ended up not using my blue guitar for the actual show. Probably a good call.

You can sing most anything!

Do, Re, Mi…

Do, Mi, Mi… Mi, Sol, Sol…

Singing loudly so we can’t hear the thunder

The Lonely Goatherd pillow fight

Preparing to dance The Landler with Kurt

The captain decides to show him how it’s done

Gettin’ down, Austrian-style

A little too close for comfort


Brigitta telling me that it’s obvious her dad and I are in love

Running away. Double yikes.

Climb Every Mountain…

Missed you, Kids!

Gettin’ hitched

Mmmm… smell those fake flowers

Gotta love the unfinished drops

The Kalzberg Festival- Edelweiss

The Kaltzberg Festival- So Long, Farewell

The Kaltzberg Festival was not in the Von Trapp home, despite what the sets at dress rehearsal would suggest

Hiding from the Nazis in the abby garden

Escaping into Switzerland


And, as an added bonus, the book was signed by everyone! Great find, Keyra!

My friend Keyra found a book on the real Von Trapps at an antique store on the east coast. My camera’s flash did funky things to the color, but this is a picture of the real family.

Thanks so much again to everyone who came and supported me in this! You guys are awesome.


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