Sub for Santa

Hey there, Friends! I signed up to do a Sub for Santa for the Martinez Family, who could use some Christmas help this year. I am limited on what I can do by myself, and ANY help any of you can give would be very appreciated. The family includes:

A six year-old boy who has requested a sweater and a toy (pant size: 7 shirt size: 7 shoe size: 11)

An eight year-old boy who would like a coat and a toy (pant size: 8 shirt size: 8 shoe size: 13)

A mom (skirt: extra large blouse: extra large shoe size 8.5 coat size: extra large)

A dad (pant size: 32×32 shirt size: 16.5 medium shoe size: 8.5 coat size: medium)

Please contact me if you or anyone you know might be interested in giving to help a family in need this Christmas. Hopefully, if we all pitch in a little, this could be a great holiday for them.

You guys are awesome!



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