Oh, Happy Day

  A lot of great things happened today. The sun was shining and I drove with Lucy’s windows down, I got my hair done by Magic Melanie the Beauty Sensei, and I went to an incredible movie screening with my dear friend, Winter.

As if those weren’t enough, some other happy things from today included surpassing 20,000 hits on this blog (Woot!) and sharing the realization of a pretty big goal with my friends: my very first MUSIC VIDEO is now on the web!

A few months ago, I was performing at an event for The Feel Good Music Coalition (you may recognize these friends from their “Teach Me How to Jimmer” song that went viral a little while ago). After the show was over, Richard, the father an amazing artist named Dean Risko, approached me to see if I had any music videos. When I told him I didn’t, he offered to film one for me. Richard was great and let me be very involved in the creative portion of the video. After several filming sessions and a lot of Richard’s time editing, here is the final result:

Hope you enjoy! What good things have been happening in your life?

Lots of friends, like Lindsey and Rich, came to help me film the band scene

Everyone was a good sport about the downtime

The great Richard van Schalkwyk in action

Teah’s shot in the video is pretty dark- this is her beautiful face in the light.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Day

  1. Danny says:

    That’s awesome Carrie! The video really turned out well. It is a great accomplishment and you should be very proud (not in a bad way of course:)). Job well done!

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