Tap. Tap. Testing… Is this thing on?

Oh, hello.

It’s been three-and-a-half years since I dusted off this blog, but the whole experience of the thing has really stayed with me. In a good way. Like hugging a handsome man and getting the scent of his cologne on your clothes. Not like hearing “let it go” (or some variation of that phrase) and then having the Disney song stuck on endless repeat in your mind like you probably do now… sorry about that.

Anyway, for new friends who haven’t been here before, here’s the skinny:

This blog originally started before my 30th birthday (hence the name) as a project to go on thirty dates with thirty men. The idea would be that blog readers would choose one of the thirty and we’d go on a second date.

That started to fizzle in the mid-twenties, and at that point I changed the focus of the blog to “flirting with life”. I came up with thirty categories in which I’d like to live with more intention, blogging about them after completing goals in each area.

The categories (and corresponding blog posts) were:

Learn a Practical Skill

Do Something I’ve Never Done Before

Take a Step Toward Financial Freedom


Visit Someone Who is Lonely

Experience Nature

Have an Adventure

Practice Self-Care

Better Myself Physically

Do Something Self-Indulgent

Teach Someone Something

Practice the Art of Letting Go

Create Something New

Connect With My Roots

Have a New Cultural Experience

Fill Up With Music

Support a Good Cause

Explore a New Hobby

Do Something that Makes Me Feel Like a Kid Again

Recognize the Honor in Someone

Work on My Bucket List

Do an Act of Service

Reconnect With an Old Friend

Create Magic From the Mundane

Make One Improvement in My Living Environment

Become More Self-Reliant

Connect With God and Spirituality

Challenge a Fear

Make a Memory With a Stranger

Risk Rejection


Living with that kind of intention was incredibly enriching. As my next birthday approaches, I’ve gone into evaluation mode and decided that I’d like to pick up this project again with some new goals. These are based off my current list of hopes, dreams, and desires. I’ve tried to focus them around different domains (social, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, and mental). I’ve also used different systems of  thought, like the chakra system’s associated issues, ‘cause I believe there’s lots of truth available from lots of sources.

This new list isn’t final or exhaustive (or totally distinct from the last), but I’m excited to start this journey again. I’d also really love some company. If you want to be a part of some of these adventures, please let me know and we can do things together! If you want to have your own experiences, I’d love to hear about those also.

Here’s what I’ve concocted thus far:

Expand My Artistic Horizons

Do Something Empowering

Practice Healthy Boundaries


Step Outside of My Comfort Zone

Practice Altruism

Take the Next Right Step

Live Spontaneously

Achieve a Stretching Personal Goal




Reflect Light and Love Into the World

Strengthen a Family Relationship

Relieve Suffering/Lift a Burden

Promote Physical Health

Confront a Limiting Belief

Make Someone’s Day


Surrender Something

Practice Discipline



Enhance Spirituality

Use My Voice to Speak Truth

Open My Heart to Something New

Do Something to Enhance Self-Esteem (Mine or Someone Else’s)

Flow: Eliminate a Block/Barrier


Do Something Intellectually Stimulating

Intentionally Learn From Someone’s Example

Expand My World View


I’m a few goals shy of 35, which is how old I’ll be in just over a week, so I’d love input. If you have suggestions or ideas of things (especially if we can do them together!), I’d love to hear them.

I plan to start again next week. Will you join me?


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