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Mazel Tov! I’m a single Mormon girl from Maryland, now living in Utah. I believe in bucket lists, solve problems with tickle fights, and love second-hand compliments. Currently, I work as the cook in a residential treatment center for teenage girls and sing, both as a solo artist and with a fabulous ten-piece soul band called The Soulistics. I’m a facilitator in emotional release therapy, a lover of cultures and books, and participator in all things creative. I love being around people who make me want to be better than I am currently. Welcome to my blog!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Carrie, Laura Sellers told me about your project and i thought i would at least contact you. to be honest im not excited to be part of a project and in fact im a little burned out with dating in general but, im always looking for new friends. one thing im also looking for on the side is people to jam with. i sing (for fun) and i noticed on your blog that you do too! i think it would be fun to get together for a jam session. do you have a band together? what music do you do? anyway i would be interested in something like that for fun and to meet you. if you did want to do something like that i would be up for it even if we wouldn’t be a match “date-wise”.

    here’s a bit of my profile you should know up front and then you can decide: I’m 5’7″, slender, 38 years old, divorced, 3 kids.

    good luck with the rest of your project!


  2. Carrie,

    I stumbled upon your blog via Facebook when you posted pictures of a friend of mine, Natani Atsity and his new wife. I previewed your CD and was really impressed with your voice. I also think you have one of the more entertaining and interesting blogs on the web (not that I read a lot of blogs–in case anyone asks). Just wanted to drop you a note.

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