The Rules

So, this used to be a dating blog… hence the rules section. But no more. Unless you want to set me up with someone awesome… then we can talk. (Shameless, I know.) Otherwise, I will echo Outback Steakhouse in saying “no rules, just right” er… write.


3 thoughts on “The Rules

  1. Dominique Richmond says:

    I think this project is a fun idea! How cool! I can think of a couple of guys I know that you might like, so I will talk to them about it. I’m sad I got to the cheese party too late to see your performance. Next time.
    I’ll get back to you on the referrals and good luck. Way to live it up, lady!


  2. Carrie I love what you’re doing and the name Flirty and Thirty is perfect! You should write a song! I think this would make a fabulous reality show! LOL… seriously tho, I think the reality show people would proabably want you to keep dating until you got married and they’d still wanna follow you around! But that would be cool for your career, too!

    Great job – April

  3. Vicki says:


    I’m going to keep up with your blog. Zac was able to give me the link. I think you’ll inspire me. The life changes are small, doable, and are making a positive change. The rules are very creative. Kudos for your endeavor.



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